The Power of Zero Podcast

Hosted by David McKnight

Tax rates 10 years from now are likely to be much higher than they are today. Is your retirement plan ready? Learn how to avoid the coming tax freight train and maximize your retirement dollars.

David McKnight

Dave Ramsey vs Indexed Universal Life–5 Claims Debunked

What are Dave Ramsey’s thoughts on Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL)? David debunks the 5 myths presented in Dave Ramsey’s article on why you should run away from IULs. Myth #1: IULs never perform to their full capacity because the cash portion…

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David McKnight

The 12 Rules of Tax-Free Investing (Updated and Revised)

Rule #1: Tax rates will go up by 2030. The Fed needs huge sums of money to pay for unfunded obligations, so taxes will have to go up; otherwise, the country will go bankrupt. Rule #2: In a rising tax environment, there is a mathematically perfect…

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David McKnight

Which LIRP is Best For You?

David kicks off the conversation by laying out the 3 basic Life Insurance Retirement Plans (LIRP) and how you can find the best one for your particular situation. For David, an LIRP is like marriage – it’s a long-term commitment that you only ever…

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