Our Process

Our planning process starts with one question: What needs to take place going forward so that you can live a life of significance and purpose? Our strategic planning process focuses on your unique goals, the comprehensive road map you’ll need to follow in order to achieve them, as well as how taxes will impact your income streams before and during retirement.

Initial Strategy Session

We spend time with each client to understand where you are currently, and where you desire to be. We learn what is important to you by discussing both short term goals (1-3 years) and your life goals. What does a successful retirement mean to you? What needs to take place going forward to live a life of significance and purpose?

Develop Your Customized Strategic Plan

We conduct a comprehensive and holistic analysis of your unique circumstances to determine the "Best of Class" strategies for you to reach your desired goals and create a tax-free retirement. We create a written Financial Plan including a Retirement Road Map to identify the steps you need to implement each year to achieve a tax-free retirement.


Once we’ve determined the optimal roadmap for your successful retirement, we will guide you through the steps to implement the strategies. We will help you follow the steps in your personalized Road Map and navigate changes in your plan as they arise.


Each year we will monitor the progress of your strategy and come together to discuss any course corrections; and create accountability to take the necessary steps to help you achieve an income tax free retirement.

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What Needs to Take Place Going Forward to Live a Life of Significance and Purpose?

The unique aspects of our strategic planning process is what sets us apart from so many other advisors. We have identified 8 requirements for achieving a fulfilling and successful income tax free retirement. 


an Income Tax Free/Efficient Retirement
Retirement income
multiple streams of Income Tax Free income you can’t outlive
sequence of return risk
principal protection for your retirement assets
a safe and productive rate of return
Social Security taxes
sufficient long-term care provisions

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