Is the Federal Government Going to Tax Your Roth IRA?

David suggests avoiding the shift of everything out of your IRA or 401k into the tax-free bucket because, by doing so, you would then have a standard deduction in retirement that sort of sits idle.

$25,900/year is the standard deduction for a married couple.

According to David, what you want to do is to be very careful about not converting too much money from the tax-deferred bucket.

Most retirement savings are in tax-deferred vehicles, says David. 

Roth IRAs are the one thing that both consumers and the Federal Government like because they lead to you using after-tax dollars and it gives more revenue to the Federal Government – and it does so today, not in 20 years.

For David, the Federal Government has several tools to deal with inflation. Raising interest rates as a possible solution can create a scenario where both interest rates and the cost of servicing the national debt go up. 



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