How to Supercharge Your Roth Conversion with a Reverse Mortgage

David had been skeptical about reverse mortgages and now considers himself a “late convert.”

Don Graves sees reverse mortgages as a financial planning tool cleverly disguised as a mortgage.

Using a football analogy, think of a reverse mortgage as the 11th player on the team (along with income, pension, social security, etc.), which will increase the chances of you winning.

Don explains why reverse mortgages should be considered a tax-free stream of income, right along with Roth IRAs, Roth 401ks, Roth conversions, LARPs, and so forth.

The idea is that, when you take income by way of a reverse mortgage, it’s a true tax-free stream of income. This income does not count as provisional income, thus not counting as a threshold that causes Social Security taxation.

Don shares a couple of examples of how reverse mortgages can lead to great outcomes.

Don describes the profile of the typical person for whom the reverse mortgage strategy may apply.

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