Why Ken Fisher Does NOT Want You to Do a Roth Conversion

Today’s video is from David’s conversation with financial advisor Bruce Hosler.

They discuss why financial advisors like Ken Fisher don’t want you to do Roth conversions.

David reveals why there is a lot of incoming resistance from financial “Gurus” about moving to tax-free and using the tools necessary to get to the 0% tax bracket.

David talks about his new book, Guru, and all of the interference he’s facing in trying to get the Power of Zero message out to the American people.

Most of these gurus believe that tax rates in the future are likely to be higher than they are today. But when you go to their websites, there are no practical strategies on exactly how you should arrange your assets to best shield yourself from the impact of higher taxes.

David highlights why Dave Ramsey is against any form of permanent life insurance. He even has a famous quote, “Permanent life insurance is 100 % crap, 100 % of the time.”

If you can fund your lifestyle out of your cash value life insurance in the year following a down year in the stock market, it gives your stock market portfolio a chance to recover before you take further distributions.

David explains how this act alone can increase the sustainable withdrawal rate on your stock portfolio from 4 % to 8%.

David and Bruce agree that people need to find ways to create multiple streams of tax-free income from multiple sources. 

David reveals that conflict of interest is what prevents fee-based advisors from promoting the power of zero message. 

David and Bruce talk about the unfunded obligation for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid–and the amount of money the government needs to have to pay for Medicare over the next 75 years.

Financial advisors are not educated enough about the reality of future higher tax rates. If they were, David believes they would be more familiar with the ways to mitigate against rising taxes down the road.



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