Why Don’t More Financial Advisors Recommend Indexed Universal Life?

This episode addresses whether the mainstream financial planning community is justified in avoiding Indexed Universal Life.

Lately, social media has been filled with videos praising the virtues of a financial tool known as Indexed Universal Life (IUL).

David explains why the IUL has been taking such a beating from traditional financial planners.

David discusses three different viewpoints against the IUL – including that of scammy salesmen on TikTok who often describe the IUL as “a stock market replacement on steroids.”

Financial gurus tend to be jack of all trades but masters of none with IUL critiques that are either plain wrong or far too simplistic, says David.

As a result of these groups’ cumulative efforts, IUL is widely viewed as a caricature of a financial product.

David goes over how to objectively evaluate IUL on its merits and shares three of its positive utilizations as a dynamic financial tool.



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