Why Cash Value Life Insurance is EXPLODING in Popularity (Despite What Critics Say)

Today’s episode features some of the highlights of David’s appearance on the Your Money with David Hays podcast.

David touches upon what he would focus on and how long he believes he would last if he were president of the U.S..

David’s next book will probably have the title Guru.

For a while, David Hays has half-jokingly said that he would accept the responsibility of mayor.

David introduces two perspectives into the picture: the point of view of financial gurus like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman, and that of Ed Slott – whom USA Today dubbed “America’s IRA Expert.” 

Many people underestimate the financial costs of long-term care for their parents, spouse, or partner, says David.

David illustrates the traditional way to approach long-term care and what would make the most sense for those thinking about it for their loved ones.



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