Whole Life vs. Indexed Universal Life and More…

David is asked about the pros and cons of the Indexed Universal Life – or LIRP – and what to look for when researching it.

As far as LIRPs are concerned, David suggests looking for contracts that are both tax- and cost-free.

David discusses some mistakes that some experts such as Dave Ramsey make when talking about ‘buy term, invest the difference’.

David explains that running out of money before running out of life is one the biggest risks retirees are facing today – and goes over two ways to prevent that from happening.

David is asked for his predictions on how the current fiscal trajectory is going to affect housing prices, your bottom line and wallet.

David recommends that young people try to be more inclined to contribute to tax-free today due to the fact that taxes are likely going to be higher when they’re in retirement compared to what they are at the moment.



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