When Should You Use an LIRP?

Lane Martinsen from Financial Fast Lane interviews David McKnight on why you should use LIRP and the benefits of getting to the zero percent tax bracket. 

David explains the motivation behind his book The Power of Zero.

David reveals why he is convinced that future tax rates will be significantly higher and why it makes sense to be in the zero percent tax bracket in retirement.

If you are in or approaching retirement, David recommends taking advantage of the historically low tax rates before the current tax code expires in 2026.

According to David, the most effective retirement planning technique combines all available tax-free strategies.

Does the 0% tax bracket really exist? David explains how Americans can get into the zero percent tax bracket without trying to game the IRS.

David goes through the strategies that can shield you against the risk of a higher tax bracket – and the main components of a comprehensive approach to tax-free retirement. 

David breaks down what Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP) is and why it’s so effective when it comes to tax-free retirement. 

David reveals the holy grail of retirement planning and what it entails.

Numerous studies have shown that the number one concern for retirees is not the risk of paying higher taxes, but the fear of outliving their money.

David talks about his second book, Tax-Free Income For Life, and how it can potentially help retirees mitigate longevity and tax rate risk through sane financial planning.

David’s advice to retirees and people nearing retirement: Rising taxes are inevitable. Don’t let a year go by without taking advantage of the historically low tax rates. 


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