What is The Elite POZ Advisor Group?

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In every single book David has written he talks about why it’s so important to have a trusted and trained advisor in the Power of Zero paradigm.

There are dozens of pitfalls standing between you and the zero percent tax bracket which is why it’s crucial you have a qualified guide to show you the way. You should work with an advisor that has internalized the Power of Zero principles to help you mitigate both tax-rate risk and longevity risk at the same time.

The Elite POZ Advisor Group is a collection of trained professionals that have been vetted by David himself. There are a number of requirements that someone needs to have completed before they can enter the group.

Elite Advisors need to have been in the industry for a few years and have demonstrated the ability to answer the client’s questions and lead them through the Power of Zero process.

Every member of the Elite POZ Advisor Group has also passed a comprehensive written exam. Many advisors have tried and failed to complete this exam because you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the Power of Zero paradigm.

Elite Advisors also have to sit through an extensive ten-part training course that covers a number of different case studies and covers all aspects of the Power of Zero retirement strategy.

On top of all that Elite Advisors receive ongoing training directly from David to keep them apprised of tax law changes and updates on the approach.

When it comes to getting to the Power of Zero tax bracket and tax-free retirement planning, not all advisors are created equal.

The Elite Advisors group is the gold standard of the Power of Zero paradigm and if you’re working with one of them you can be assured that you are in good hands.

Go to elite-poz.davidmcknight.com to find out what the advisors have been through to be part of the elite group.

Advisors can go to powerofzero.com to find out how to become part of the Elite POZ Advisor group.

There are a number of financial advisors preaching the Power of Zero approach but ultimately they just want to sell you a life insurance policy. That is not what the POZ paradigm is about. It’s about having multiple streams of tax-free income and there is no cookie-cutter approach.

In the POZ paradigm, most advisors’ basic impulses are the exact opposite of what they need to do to lead their clients to the zero percent tax bracket. Head to davidmcknight.com to be connected with an Elite Advisor to help you.

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