What Dave Ramsey DOESN’T Want You to Know About Indexed Universal Life

Show host Arturo Johnson shares his experience with coming across David’s content – and how it has changed his perspective.

David mentions a study that illustrates the benefits of putting 70% – and not 100% – of your retirement savings into a Roth 401k and the balance into cash value life insurance.

Dave Ramsey is famous for stirring up a hornet’s nest among CFPs all across the U.S. David unpacks a shortcoming with one of Ramsey’s principles.

David goes over what can happen when you utilize life insurance as a volatility shield/buffer.

The only way to get an 8% distribution rate in retirement is by utilizing a financial tool that Dave Ramsey says is a hot pile of garbage: cash value life insurance.

The reason why David likes IUL is because history shows that you can get five to seven percent net of fees over time in your IUL.

David talks about something he dislikes in Ramsey’s views on IUL and that many “gurus” such as Suze Orman, Clark Howard, and Ramit Sethi say it’s a scam.

“The IUL is not a stock market replacement, it’s a bond alternative,” says David.


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