What Dalio, Cooperman, Slott, Kotlikoff and Swedroe Have Recently Said About the Future of Tax Rates

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David Walker has been saying that tax rates are going to have to double since 2008. We didn’t do that. So that means the national debt will continue to accumulate until we reach $53 trillion, at which all the money flowing into the Treasury will only be enough to pay the interest on the debt.

Many people other than David Walker are starting to speak about the future of tax rates as the national debt continues to skyrocket.

Ray Dalio has said that the US will have little choice but to raise taxes in the coming years to offset its mounting liabilities and debt. In many ways we are looking at a currency problem, not just a debt problem.

Leon Cooperman believes that no matter who wins in the coming November election, taxes are on the way up, and the coming tax revamp is going to change capitalism forever. The only variable is how high and how fast tax rates will go up.

Leon spoke favourably in the past about the tax cuts implemented by President Trump and why the wealth tax proposed by Nancy Pelosi is pretty much impossible to implement, let alone being unconstitutional.

Ed Slott believes that there is a good chance that tax rates will go up before 2026. Should Joe Biden get elected, the tax sale may very well come to an end earlier than expected.

Larry Kotlikoff, one of the most famous accountants in the world, is recommending that people implement the Power of Zero principles for their clients. The cost of converting a portion of your stock market portfolio will be lower today than at any other point in your lifetime.

There are a few good reasons not to buy municipal bonds in general, but Larry offers another reason.

Larry Swedroe echoes much of what Larry Kotlikoff has said. Whatever party is in power, we are likely to see a significant increase in taxes before 2026.

More and more experts are seeing the writing on the wall and saying that we will have to endure higher taxes in the near future. Even the most skeptical of experts are coming around and are realizing what’s happening.

You must take on a sense of urgency when it comes to your taxable buckets. If you still have money above and beyond the optimal amount in your taxable bucket, you are exposing yourself to some serious risks. You’re much better off paying taxes now than later.

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