The Three Types of Tax-free Retirement Advisors (And Which One’s the BEST for You)

David talks about the three main types of tax-free retirement advisors and the one that will guarantee a hassle-free retirement.

The first type of advisor is the TikTok advisor. This is the advisor who will preach the prospect of dramatically higher tax rates in the future.

The only downside to their message is that they believe the only way to shield yourself from the rising tax rates is to put all your retirement savings into an IUL.

If you believe in a balanced and comprehensive approach to retirement planning, steer clear of these types of advisors.

It’s unwise to build a retirement plan on the foundation of an IUlL and exclude every tax-free alternative in the tax code.

The second type of advisor is the one who believes in tax-free retirement planning but is not acquainted with the data that proves tax rates will rise dramatically in the future.

If you are interested in shielding your assets against the impact of higher taxes, avoid these types of advisors like your retirement depends on it. Because it does. 

The third type of advisor is knowledgeable on data that proves tax rates will dramatically rise in the future and advocates for a balanced, comprehensive approach to tax-free retirement. 

If you believe that tax rates in the future will be dramatically higher than they are today, then you also need to recognize that not all financial advisors are equally equipped to help shield your retirement savings from those higher taxes.

Your job as an investor is to get an advisor who understands the unique fiscal challenges facing our country and understands that the best way to protect yourself from those challenges is to implement a balanced, comprehensive approach to tax-free retirement. 



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