The Historic Timing of the Power of Zero Message with David McKnight

the power of zero

You’re saying tax rates are going up, so you mean I’ve done this all wrong? Not necessarily… you want to put money into your tax deferred bucket when the deduction means the most to you, when tax rates are historically high. You want to take money out of your tax deferred bucket when taxes are low.

Most people put money into their tax deferred accounts during a time when tax rates were higher than they are today. Starting Jan 1, 2018 and going until Jan 1, 2026, we have currently have as a low a tax rate as we will experience in our lifetime.

Whether this becomes a deal of historic proportions for you will depend on what you do over the next 7 years. We now know the year and the day when tax rates will go up so if you play your cards right you can reposition your money from tax deferred to tax free and do all the heavy lifting to protect those assets.

It’s easy to get discouraged when talking about the fiscal realities facing our country. In 2035, Social Security will go bust, the same will happen for Medicare in 2026. It’s important to start repositioning your money to be tax free quickly enough to get it done before 2026 but slowly enough that it doesn’t give you tax heartburn.

We will look back at 2019 as a time when tax rates were at historically low levels and it was the tax deal of our lifetimes.

David has been saying that tax rates are going to go up for a long time now, so some people are beginning to doubt whether or not the message is true. With the 2018 Trump tax cuts, we did the exact opposite of what we were supposed to do. This means that when the tax rates do come due, and they will, they will be all the more draconian and austere.

We always kick the can down the road and wait as long as possible simply to avoid making the tough decisions because tough decisions are what get politicians voted out of office. Finland is going through a similar situation as America, they are trying to reform their universal health care because the program is going bankrupt but now they are mired in a major financial crisis because no one would vote for the reform.

This is your window of opportunity to take advantage of historically low tax rates. If you have a ton of money in your tax deferred bucket, this may be the perfect time to reposition it into your tax free bucket.

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