The 5 Biggest IUL Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

David breaks down the 5 biggest IUL mistakes people make and how to avoid them. 

He starts the conversation by explaining the impact IULs can have on tax-free retirement when used correctly. 

Mistake #1 – Getting an IUL through the wrong company. David highlights what to look out for before settling on an IUL provider.

Mistake #2 – Getting the wrong IUL product. You could have the best carrier in the world, but if you choose the wrong product, it’s all for nothing. 

Mistake #3 – The right advisor. You need an advisor who understands what it means to build a balanced, comprehensive approach to tax-free retirement – and, most importantly, will be in business for the long run.

Mistake #4 – Improper funding. David explains that IULs work best when you fund them religiously and keep them until death. 

Mistake #5 – Making an IUL the only component of your tax-free retirement strategy. According to David, your goal is to make IULs one of four to six streams of tax-free retirement income.

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