Sneak Peek: The Audio of Chapter 1 of “The Volatility Shield” with David McKnight

the power of zero

The audio version of the Volatility Shield won’t be released for another three weeks, so David gives you a sneak peek at the opening chapter of the book.

The story opens with Jack driving down the highway preparing to leave his life behind and start something new. His plans change when he receives a call from his stepfather Ted.

Jack visits Ted at his sports store and gets some surprising news. Ted has sold his business and needs a little help from Jack.

Ted always seems to have some sort of ulterior motive; in this case he’s hoping Jack can take a look at his finances to make sure that his retirement portfolio will last the rest of Ted and his mother’s life.

Jack takes a look and notices that the financial plan in front of him may have some problems with it. It may be less a ‘set it and forget it’ than Ted’s financial advisor first told him.

If Ted’s portfolio can average a 9% return each year, theoretically they will never run out of money.

Jack asks for a favor that Ted is reluctant to give.

The Volatility Shield has a great plot, a nice twist ending, and a $5 million dollar crime that needs to be solved and Jack Wheeler is on the trail. Get your copy of the book on Amazon or pick up the Audible copy when it’s released in a few weeks.

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