Should You Convert Your IRA While the Market Is Down?

Today’s episode of The Power of Zero Show is a segment of an interview David did with financial advisor, Ron DeLegge. They discuss, among other things, whether it’s a good idea to convert your Roth IRA while the stock market is down.

David shares that there’s no such thing as a 0% tax bracket in the U.S. tax tables. Zero describes the condition of someone in retirement who isn’t paying tax.

Being in the 0% tax bracket doesn’t happen by accident, says David. It’s the result of planning and proactively trying to have a series of tax-free financial streams that include Roth IRA, Roth Conversions, and some form of Life Insurance Retirement Plan.

Dave and Ron discuss the true cost of waiting when it comes to tax rates, and whether it makes financial sense to use the market decline to execute Roth IRA conversions to limit taxes.

Having too much risk inside their investment portfolio is one of the big mistakes made by retirees – David explains why that should be a concern for those approaching retirement.



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