Ramit Sethi is WRONG About Annuities and Cash Value Life Insurance

When it comes to investing, I’ll Teach You to Be Rich author Ramit Sethi sees whole life insurance, annuities, and Primerica as major red flags.

David believes that, in the Netflix documentary How to Get Rich, Ramit Sethi makes sweeping insurance product condemnations with little or no evidence to support his case.

If David had a chance to sit down with Ramit Sethi, there’s a series of questions he would like to ask him, including “Why are annuities bad?”

Yale Professor Robert Schiller recently affirmed that bonds aren’t the best solution for managing risk in retirement.

While analyzing 10-year returns for stocks, bonds, and fixed index annuities, Schiller uncovered four startling truths. 

For David, if you were to reach into your retirement portfolio, remove the bonds and replace them with a fixed index annuity, you would increase returns while safeguarding that portion of your portfolio against loss.

The 4% Rule says that if you have a 60-40 stock-bond mix, the most you can take from your portfolio, and maintain a high likelihood of not running out of money before you die, is 4% per year (adjusted for inflation).

If you have done a good job saving money, don’t take advice from financial gurus who are dispensing one-size-fits-all financial planning advice on Netflix.

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