My Review of the Anti-IUL Book “Lapsed”

David reviews an anti-IUL book, LAPSED, written by financial advisor Elan Moas, who believes IULs are designed to fail rather than succeed.

According to David, the book is written with dramatic and highly-charged rhetoric around what will befall you if you make the mistake of purchasing an IUL.

So the big question is, “Are IULs too good to be true?”

For David, IULs do exactly what they’re meant to do. Their true purpose is to give you stock market exposure up to a cap with a guarantee against market loss.

IULs are not meant to be a stock market alternative. They are a bond alternative with returns of between 5% and 7% net of fees over the life of the program. 

Insurance companies don’t make money on Cap Rates. Cap Rates are a function of two things. First is the cost of options, which is informed by the volatility of the stock market. And second, the carrier’s options budget, which is a function of interest rates.

David debunks Elan’s theory on how IUL providers are intentionally and aggressively working to confiscate your money.

David shares a chart showing return rates from real and highly-rated IUL carriers. 

Only when you see that the author is out to sell you a whole life insurance policy will you understand the motivation behind his misinformed book.

David believes the author’s goal is to scare people out of their perfectly adequate IULs into a whole life policy that he would be more than happy to facilitate. 

If you like whole life insurance, great. If you like IULs, great. But please don’t waste everybody’s time with intentionally misleading scare tactics.



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