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There are two people today that are making waves in the national conversation for what they are saying about the national debt.

This first is Ken Fisher. Ken says the debt to GDP ratio has been worse in the past and that we really have nothing to worry about. He also says that we borrowed some of that money from ourselves, so it’s really just an accounting issue. The trouble is, that’s all untrue.

We owe the money to Social Security and that money has to come from somewhere. Social Security is underfunded and will need to be paid back, either through higher taxes or spending cuts.

Ken Fisher is trying to persuade us the stock market is going to go up in perpetuity, which is basically what he said just prior to the crash of 2007.

There is one person on the right side of the aisle who is the opposing voice on the debt issue. Mark Sanford is a GOP candidate running against Trump.

Mark doesn’t believe we have 8 to 10 years before the coming crash, which is why he’s running now. He’s injecting the topic into the national debate by running for president, despite the very long odds he will succeed. We don’t have the luxury of waiting four years until the next presidential cycle to have this debate.

The storm may already have come in 5 years. Tom McClintock has said something similar, namely that the United States will resemble Venezuela in 8 years.

The financial storm will be something that we have never seen before. A sovereign debt crisis is looming, which is the straw that could potentially break the camel’s back.

Our math doesn’t add up in Washington. The current financial condition of the country is like a family running up their credit cards to create the illusion of real wealth that gets wiped out when the financial storm hits.

While all the other countries in the world are getting their financial houses in order, the US is just piling on their debt. This is not all the current president’s fault, but he’s not helping the situation either.

We are living in a dream world if we believe that the national debt is only $22 trillion. All the other governments in the world follow fiscal GAAP accounting except the US. We would have to have $239 trillion sitting in a bank account today earning treasury rates to be able to deliver on all the promises.

Who’s right? Ken Fisher or Mark Sanford? One has everything to gain where the other has nothing to gain except maybe averting a disaster.

If you find yourself in the position where you or your clients have large amounts of money in tax deferred investments, you have a freight train bearing down on you. Take advantage of the next 7 years to position that money to tax free or you may not be able to keep as much of that money as you thought.

The Secure Act will most likely be snuck into a spending bill at the end of the year. It means that if you die with money in your IRA’s and it goes to a non-spouse beneficiary like your kids, they will have to spend that money over 10 years. That means they will pay taxes on it at the apex of their earning years when they can least afford to pay the taxes.

People will start seeing the writing on the wall and take advantage of Roth conversions, Roth IRA’s, and LIRP contributions with Power of Zero advisors across the country.

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