Is Ken Fisher’s Anti-Annuity Stance Illegal?

According to David, Ken Fisher’s hate toward annuities is visible in what can be considered “one of the most successful attacks on any financial product in history”.

David discusses why, in his opinion, Ken Fisher sees annuities as the perfect marketing tool to build his own asset management firm.

There are two things annuities can do that no other financial product can – David explains what they are.

Academic studies that go back to the early 1960s seem to suggest that annuities are the best way to maximize retirement income.

There appears to be a massive information gap facing a generation of retirees who are unaware of the value annuities can play in helping them spend more income in retirement.

David shares an example by Dr. Michael Finke, one of the foremost experts on the benefits of guaranteed lifetime income.

David touches upon whether what Ken Fisher is doing can be considered illegal.



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