Is IUL the Dream Investment that Doug Andrew Claims?

  • Doug Andrew called the IUL a dream investment, but is it the silver bullet retirement account he claims it to be? 
  • David goes through Doug Andrew’s controversial remarks about IULs, and explains why he politely disagrees with his one-size-fits-all approach to index universal life.
  • David explains why the 4% rule is a very expensive way to pay for retirement. 
  • He reveals why it’s much more economical to guarantee your living expenses with a lifetime income annuity. 
  • If you only utilize the IUL, you will dramatically underperform the stock market over time. Furthermore, you won’t be taking advantage of all the unique benefits each of the tax-free alternatives the IRS tax code affords you.
  • The IUL should only be used as a complement to all these other streams of tax-free income, not a replacement for them.
  • David goes through the characteristics that make the IUL a unique investment avenue.
  • Would you rather adopt a retirement approach where you put every last dime of your retirement savings into an indexed universal life insurance policy? Or would you prefer your IUL to be just one component of a balanced, comprehensive approach to tax-free retirement?
  • For David, the IUL is not the only way to grow your money productively over the course of a lifetime. When you have an experienced financial advisor shepherding you through the process, you can get extremely productive returns from the stock market.
  • If you’re younger than age 50, David recommends earmarking 30% of your retirement savings towards an IUL. 
  • Why 30% and not 100%? Because 30% is a much more balanced, math-corroborated approach to using the indexed universal life policy.
  • The IUL is not a dream in a dream. It’s merely a financial tool. When utilized in concert with all of the other available alternatives in the IRS tax code, it can help you create a balanced, comprehensive approach to tax-free retirement planning.
  • David reveals why Wall Street wants you to believe that the stock market is the only solution to stress-free retirement planning. 
  • Most financial experts agree that tax rates in the future are likely to be higher than they are today. But that doesn’t mean that you must reflexively default to putting all your retirement savings into an IUL.
  • If you want to make money in the stock market, you’re supposed to buy low and sell high. Unfortunately, most do-it-yourself investors do the exact opposite.

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