Is a 100% Tax-Free Retirement Really Possible?

A recent Penn Wharton study found that the federal government will have to dramatically raise taxes within the next 20 years to avoid sliding into a debt spiral of high interest rates and debt payments.

Former comptroller General David Walker has stated several times that taxes would have to double by 2030 or the U.S. will go broke as a nation.

When it comes to retirement savings accounts, the federal government typically gives people a choice between paying taxes at the time of contribution or paying them on your distribution years down the road.

A big advantage of contributing to a Roth IRA is that you’d be paying taxes at today’s historically low tax rates.

David thinks that believing Walker and the Penn Wharton study means accumulating the lion’s share of your retirement savings in tax-free vehicles like Roth IRAs and Roth 401ks.

David shares the approach he recommends having when it comes to Roth Conversions.

The Roth 401k is one of David’s favorite tax-free investments – he explains why.

For David, the real allure of the LIRP is that it provides a death benefit that you can receive in advance of your death for the purpose of paying for long-term care.

David lists the pieces of the puzzle that make for a balanced and comprehensive approach to tax-free retirement.


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