Indexed Universal Life–How to Find the Right Carrier, Product and Advisor

David starts the conversation by describing the three most important things you should look for in an IUL.

All good IULs are sponsored by financially stable insurance companies – but not all financially stable insurance companies offer good IULs. 

David talks about the four main companies that rank life insurance companies. 

David explains what a Comdex ranking is and why you should consider it when choosing a life insurance carrier. 

According to David, the 5 essential attributes of a good IUL are:

A guaranteed zero percent loan provision.

Interest in areas.

Conducts a daily sweep.

Has an Overloan Protection rider.

Availability of a chronic illness rider. 

David goes through the three things to look out for when looking for an IUL advisor. 

If an IUL advisor claims that your IUL can beat the stock market or cannot lose money, run for your life. 



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