How to Transform a $1 Million Inheritance into a Tax-Free Juggernaut

David goes through five unique strategies to transform a $1 million inheritance into a tax-free asset.

Although a non-qualified inheritance is tax-free, the step-up in the basis rule will lead to a huge tax problem as your asset grows over time.

Strategy #1 – Pay the taxes on your Roth conversions. Remember, the worst way to pay taxes on a Roth conversion is on the IRA itself. 

Strategy #2 – Max out your Roth 401K for you and your spouse. Use your earnings to max out the $60,000 limit for both you and your spouse, and use the inheritance to fund your lifestyle. 

Strategy #3 – Fully fund your Roth IRA. Not a year should go by when you and your spouse are not fully funding your Roth IRAs. 

Strategy #4 – Use the inheritance to fund your retirement. If you’re already retired, it may make sense to use the inheritance to support your lifestyle instead of going after your IRA.

Strategy #5 – Contribute money to a life insurance retirement plan. If you still have some money left after implementing the above four strategies, consider taking advantage of the flexible contribution limits of a LIRP.

David explains how you can productively grow your money in a LIRP tax-free. 

According to David, if you inherit $1 million and leave the money in a taxable bucket, you will be paying taxes over the balance of your lifetime.

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