How to Dramatically Lower the Tax Bill on Your Roth Conversion

David sits down with financial advisor Daniel Rondberg to discuss how to dramatically lower the tax bill on your Roth conversion. 

They start the conversation by describing why the Power of Zero message is crucial to tax-free retirement.

According to David, stress-free retirement often comes down to only worrying about the things you can control. 

David and Daniel talk about the Power of Zero movie and what gave it great legitimacy. 

David explains how interest rates can affect your retirement.

David reveals why he moved to Puerto Rico and the tax benefits he gets from living in a foreign country. 

Daniel and David discuss whether it makes sense to pay taxes on Roth conversions using LIRP loans.

Thoughts on reverse mortgages and why only 1% of children want to inherit their parents’ home.

David shares why he is a big fan of IULs and what you can do to get the most out of them.

David reveals that 70% of the time, people are motivated to take on LIRPs because they promise to pay for long-term care in advance of a person’s death. 

Daniel and David discuss what happens to unused long-term care insurance benefits if a person never needs the care. Will the family get the money back?

Did you know that you could get your social security tax-free for the rest of your retirement if you got yourself to the zero percent tax bracket?

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