Exposing the IUL TikTok Trap

Today’s episode is the second part of David’s interview for Jesse Wright’s podcast.

Beware of what you see on social media, says David. A lot of that content is by wayward life insurance agents employing pretty despicable tactics.

David shares an example of bad advice and highlights why this is advice you should stay away from.

For David, 99% of TikTok videos misrepresent what the IUL can do and the role it should play in your retirement.

David explains why an IUL is sort of like getting married, including the “until death do you part” side of things.

It’s important to get to the 0% tax bracket and to shield yourself from the impact of higher taxes…but getting help from someone who has experience is just as important.

David points out two traits you would want your financial advisor to have as you plan for your retirement.

David goes over what he considers a balanced and comprehensive approach to tax-free retirement planning.

Many people forget that not all of the money that’s growing in your 401k is accruing to your benefit. A portion of that belongs to the IRS.

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