Dave Ramsey Is WRONG About Fixed Indexed Annuities

David starts the conversation by describing why he believes Dave Ramsey is wrong about Fixed Indexed Annuities.

In a recent live call, Dave Ramsey revealed why he is not a fan of annuities and what you should consider doing instead. 

Dave Ramsey’s thoughts on Fixed Indexed Annuities – 

  1. They have a floor that cannot go below a specific number, say 6%. 
  2. Fees are double what you might get in a mutual fund and the advisor commissions are four times as high. 

David’s response to Dave Ramsey’s thoughts on Fixed Indexed Annuities.

  1. Indexed annuities don’t have a 6% floor. If an index ever goes down in a given year, they simply credit you a zero. The floor is zero percent.
  2. Technically speaking, Fixed Indexed Annuities don’t have fees. You cannot lose money to fees or end up with less than your original contribution. 

David goes through the benefits of investing in Fixed Indexed Annuities.

One of the dangers of being a financial guru is you have to project to your listeners that you’re an expert on every financial topic.

For David, fixed Indexed Annuities are not a stock market alternative. They’re a bond alternative.

David believes that if you’re a disciplined investor and want to purge longevity risk from your retirement picture, you should consider Fixed Indexed Annuities.

It’s clear that Dave Ramsey knows far less about annuities, and it’s troubling that he consistently gives investment advice on subjects he’s not familiar with.



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