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Today’s episode is part three of David’s interview with Power of Zero Advisor Terry DuPont. 

Trump tax cuts were not permanent – David explains why 2026 is going to be a key year for that.

In his book Comeback America, former Comptroller General David Walker predicted that, by 2023, tax rates would have to double – or more – to keep the U.S. solvent.

David shares what he believes people should do in the next few years as the country approaches an “apocalyptic” scenario.

Terry DuPont is amazed by the fact that families and individuals don’t seem to understand the fact that the largest expense in their lifetime will continue to be the same.

According to Terry, the main issue is that people don’t calculate that expense into their future.

Terry asks David about the one thing he knows now that he wishes he knew when he started.

David opens up about the role David Walker has played in his journey as well as about his definition of success.

David warns people against letting a year go by without taking advantage of historically-low tax rates.



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