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The Truth About Municipal Bonds

Today’s podcast explains why it might be a massive mistake to invest in municipal bonds. The reason why this is such an important topic is our unusual fixation with municipal bonds when trying to set up a tax-free retirement. Interest from municipal…

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The Truth About Dave Ramsey

In this episode, David wants to share the truth about Dave Ramsey, look at the two pillars of his financial worldview, and deconstruct those beliefs. David believes that if Dave Ramsey’s audience followed his advice on paying off high-interest…

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A Huge Surprise in the Secure Act 2.0

In May 2021, David recorded a podcast that focused on the Secure Act 2.0, the follow-up to the Secure Act that completely killed the stretch IRA and the stretch Roth IRA. Today’s episode looks at the big surprise that has surfaced in the latest…

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The LIRP vs Stock Market Investing

The idea behind today’s episode comes from a conversation David had with someone at a recent event he spoke at. He praised the LIRP as the “perfect Swiss Army knife-type of investment,” and couldn’t understand why more people didn’t make it…

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