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Meet Brian Hanson

Brian P. Hanson is a regionally-recognized wealth strategist, specializing in the zero-tax approach to retirement planning. Brian has a sincere passion for teaching and helping his clients implement unique and powerful wealth creation and preservation strategies. In 2013, Brian partnered with his mentor, David McKnight: International speaker, and nationally-recognized retirement specialist, thought-leader. McKnight is also the nationally acclaimed author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book “The Power of Zero.”

Brian has transformed his practice through a commitment to providing the most powerful, timely, and relevant advice to clients as it pertains to retirement planning. His planning strategy advocates saving the appropriate level of assets in the taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free buckets so that in retirement, these assets can be distributed in the most efficient way possible.

This unique and powerful process is unlike any retirement planning approach you have encountered to date.

Brian invites you to learn more about how the zero tax strategy could transform your retirement, through a one-one-strategy session.

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Passions and commitments

Balanced and purposeful, Brian lives a high-energy lifestyle. A former 20- year competitor in triathlon and duathlon, and martial arts–including Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing–he now enjoys trail running and mountain biking, also training and competing annually in the “Muck Ruckus” warrior run to raise funds for M.S. Brian is also an avid Formula 1 racing enthusiast.

Second only to his faith, Brian’s greatest joy is spending quality time with his wife Brage (Certified Nutrition Coach and Owner of The MN Table) and children Andrew (23), Myles (18), Kaley (16), Emma (8), Grant (3), and Lillian, born May 14th!

A bold and decisive leader, Brian desires to be a catalyst and inspiration to others. Led by this mission, he seeks to encourage significance in the lives of others:

“The greatest challenge and reward is discovering and living your life with purpose, and challenging and encouraging others to do the same.”

Meet Melissa Smith

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Melissa joined Hanson Wealth Management in June of 2016.  Growing up in Minneapolis, Melissa graduated from Bethany Global University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Studies.  With the majority of her experience focused on customer service and publicity, she is passionate about working relationally with clients.

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family, which involves attending sporting events, bike riding, and summer weekends up North.  She is married to Nate, and together they have three children:  Lillie (16), Sawyer (14), and Emma (13). They are active in their community, school, church and neighborhood.

“A positive attitude and grateful spirit will carry you through the challenges and triumphs of life.”