The Tax Freight Train Bearing Down on Your Retirement Plan

For David, the problem is that the U.S. has promised its people way more than it can afford to pay. The debt clock says $30 trillion, which is a mind-boggling figure. According to other experts, however, the real number is actually higher than that. It is close to the $125 trillion mark.

Citing Dr. Larry Kotlikoff from Boston University, David reveals that, according to a fiscal gap accounting, the projection over the next 75 years isn’t $30 trillion, nor $125 trillion… it sees true national debt in the U.S. sitting much closer to $239 trillion.

One of the key questions David brings up is: for a retiring generation of Baby Boomers who saved the lion’s share of their retirement savings and tax-deferred vehicles like 401ks, what rate are their postponed tax payments going to be taxed at?

David shares that, with the exception of a small period in the early ‘90s, taxes haven’t been as historically low as they are today in 80 years. He advises to do all the heavy lifting now by preemptively paying taxes on IRAs and 401ks before tax rates go up on January 1st 2026.

David talks about the fact that after January 1st 2026, tax rates are going to revert back to what they were in 2017. This means that each day that goes by where we fail to take advantage of historically low tax rates is potentially a year beyond 2026 where we could be forced to pay the highest tax rates we are likely to see in our lifetime.

David shares his insights about how retirees and retirees-to-be can transition these assets before January 1st 2026 arrives.

David advises those who have too much money in their 401k or IRA to start repositioning that money systematically to the tax free bucket by way of a Roth conversion. The Roth conversion has no income limitation.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, is just borrowing money that they don’t have. Every year that Congress doesn’t fix the problem means new consequences. (aka higher tax rates).



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