Dylan Flynn

Executive Assistant

Dylan views life as a magnificent opportunity to constantly evolve and become something greater than the day before, and he joined the Hanson Wealth Management team as Executive Assistant in January of 2024.

With an insatiable desire to learn and an eagerness to help others succeed, Dylan is committed to helping others feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. As a family man, Dylan firmly believes that the individual’s greatest strength and anchor to life are what they care for the most, and it is by these passions that we can empower ourselves to maximize our efforts.

Dylan gravitated to the financial world because money touches every aspect of our lives. With a life dedicated to understanding numbers and helping everyone he encounters, along with a decade of assisting senior level management and financial background, Dylan is gratified to help others find clarity to achieve their potential in both life and finances.

Outside of his professional career, Dylan is a passionate family man and spends as much time as he can with his four brothers, of whom he is the youngest. He completed his general studies at Inver Hills Community College, where he achieved his Associate’s Degree, but quickly understood that the best way to learn about the world and how it operates is to explore and experience it directly.

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