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The Top 10 IUL Myths & How to Debunk Them – Part 2

In my last blog we took at look at the first four common myth-conceptions surrounding IULs.  Today we will uncover myths 5-10.  As you will see, the IUL is the fastest growing insurance product in our industry for good reason. Thanks again to David McKnight for his insight on a well-balanced approach to a safe and productive […]

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The Top 10 IUL Myths & How to Debunk Them – Part 1

The LIRP is one-of the most powerful strategies to create and protect wealth within the “tax-free” bucket; however, frequently misunderstood. My mentor, David McKnight, author of the amazon best seller “The Power of Zero”  has taken the time to write the following article that dispels the most common myth-conceptions that exist today. I hope you […]

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Learning to Avoid the 3 Retirement Distribution Pitfalls – Part 1

With all the recent volatility in the stock market,   retirees are confronted with the difficult question of how to grow money productively while safeguarding against downturns from which they may not recover. How do you outdistance inflation and ensure that your assets stretch the length of your retirement while mitigating dramatic market loss? How you answer the […]

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Safety and Predictability for Your Portfolio

In the investing world, you don’t often hear the words build, protect, safety, guarantee or liquidity.   Most people looking to invest would like to build and protect assets.  Most people investing would like to have safety, knowing their loved one will be taken care of. Most investors would like a guaranteed minimum rate of growth. […]

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Retirement Portfolio Options: Is an Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy Right for You?

You may have heard about Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies being another investment option that you should look into.  You may have heard it said that IULs are considered advanced life insurance products.  You may even have heard it said that these life insurance policies are generally reserved for sophisticated buyers.  How, then, do you know […]

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The Power of Fixed Index Strategies

This article written by Ali Hashemian, CFP® on February 4, 2015 offers some very valuable information. There are a few rules of investing that most people have heard of and can relate to in some way. One of them is “don’t lose money.” This rule is so well-known that many have come to believe […]

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